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Sergio Calligaris, the pianist


"a magnificent technique… interpretative talent and deep musicianship… very beautiful and personal performances"
(Buenos Aires: La Prensa, May 17, 1957)

"he impressed his enthusiastic audience with a significant talent, a big tone and unusual powers of interpretation… facility, sensitivity and a flexible tone which could thunder or whisper at the pianist's command"
(Cleveland: The Sun, June 10, 1965)

"excellent concept of the Mozart style, served by a highly refined technique… beautiful delineation of the singing line"
(Madrid: Informaciones, January 29, 1968)

"a particularly fine quality of tone… a thoroughly refined technique and judicious use of pedals enhanced the fascination of his performance"
(Vienna: Kurier, February 9, 1968)

"a rich tone and strong technique… fascinating performance of the recital"
(Berlin: Nachtdepesche, April 27, 1968)

"a marvellous touch… a wealth of subtleties… even the most delicate (Debussy) arabesques remained distinct in each note"
(Berlin: Der Tagesspiegel, April 28, 1968)

"powerful dynamic effects, wise use of pedals, intensity of accents, in a highly suggestive sonorous atmosphere… among the best piano virtuosi"
(Rome: Lo Specchio, December 29, 1968)

"outstanding qualities… brilliant technique… a true talent"
(Milano: Gioia, March 25, 1969)

"a brilliant, impeccable pianist"
(Rome: Il Messaggero, April 1, 1970)

"a sensitive pianist, guided both by his deep knowledge of his instrument and an intellectualized emotional approach to music"
(Los Angeles: Classics West Magazine, May, 1971)

"his performances are grand in outline… beautifully phrased… lambent… a great technique"
(Philadelphia: The New Records, November, 1971)

"a demostration of pianistic efficiency… obvious command of phrasing"
(Boston: High Fidelity, January 1972)

"a very passionate temperament, expressed through an extremely solid technique not excluding the use of percussive and shrill sound."
(Roberto Prosseda, "www.hi-figuide.com", 2002)

"[...] he performed two Novelettes by Schumann. Overwhelming personality and cultured composer, pianist Calligaris performed Schumann's pages with the analytic and artistic spirit of the composer."
(Michele Gioiosa, "Musica e Scuola", 15th January 2008)

"[...] Piano Parnassum Vol.1: eventually an alternative method with new music! [...] a classical way from the instrumental point of view, but different in the musical aesthetics. Fascinating atonal melodies, strict couterpoint, technical virtuosism. Everything however absolutely 'pianistic'."
(Michele Gioiosa, "Musica e Scuola", 15th June 2008)

"Applauses and ovation for a Maestro who has always stood out for his great musical talent of great composer and refined performer."
(Michele Gioiosa, "Musica e Scuola", 15th October 2008)

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