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Sergio Calligaris
The pianist & composer's homepage


The Sergio Calligaris' Website HomepageThis website arises from a fraternal friendship and from a deep passion. Its pages, devoted to Sergio Calligaris' life and art, in his double capacity of piano concert performer and composer, are intended to be a personal, grateful tribute to a great maestro - in art as in life. It's a friend tribute, to an exceptionally exuberant and positive person, to whom I have the privilege to be fraternally joined. It's a music lover tribute, to an extraordinarily communicative and involving musician, on whom I have the pride to be deeply keen. But these pages are also intended to be expression of my great wish to share my friendship and enthusiasm with everyone who, like me, populates the vast web world.

In agreement with Maestro Calligaris, whose role as Pianist and Composer is nowadays as unusual as revolutionary, I intended to put on line not only all biographical and disclosing information currently available from various sources or still unpublished, but also to supply personal considerations gained from this wonderful friendship, born thanks to the astonishment his Piano Concerto op.29 caused to me the first time I watched it. It was the 5th June 1994, during the broadcast "The Concerts of RAI 3", with the concert recorded a little more than three months earlier, the 26th February, at the RAI Auditorium "Alessandro Scarlatti" in Naples, with the Author at the piano and the Albanian Radio-Television Orchestra conducted by Vittorio Parisi. In this introductory page I propose it spread over its four videos issued in YouTube. Here is the beginning:

The whole website, which can be consulted as anyone likes, is organized into a series of pages arranged according to the distinguishing characters of Maestro's personality, focused one per page.

The "Biography: The artist's life and career" page proposes a Maestro's very updated biographical profile. It's intended to illustrate his vast experience as a concert performer, teacher and author and to provide information about his current and planned activities.

The "Piano: The pianist's technique and art" page focuses what has been the Maestro's main activity for many years, the concert performance on an international scale. It proposes to listen to his interpretation of entire pieces of music by great composers, most of which digitally remastered directly from his LPs, in MP3 format with a hi-fi output.

The "Catalogue: The composer's creative inspiration" page reports the list of his compositions, updated to the last published one and with the catalogue numbers of the new edition by Ricordi / Universal Music Publishing. It's provided with a large compendium of musical examples, in MP3 format, taken out from the best available recordings.
Since March 2011 it presents a new fundamental section, called "Mediatheque", that offers works in uncut version both with MP3 format and as links to short films placed in .

The "Discography: The author and performer's recordings" page displays the list of recordings issued both on CD and previously on LP, showing Sergio Calligaris in his double artistic capacity. For each of publications that I could find, from here one can open its page where I entered the front cover and the enclosed text, html transcribed and AcrobatReaderİ reproduced.
Among them, it deserves special attention the promo CD, published in 1999 by Nuova Carisch srl-Warner/Chappell and now unobtainable, "SHORTS FOR SPOT AND FILM", a collection of pieces personally selected by the Author, proposed in fragments lasting 15, 30, 45 and 60 seconds, offered to the scope to be used in synchro as musical comment of films for television and cinema. The content of this CD is proposed integrally with 79 files in mp3 format.

The "Interviews: The musician's thought in his own words" page collects all Maestro's interviews issued by specialist musical magazines having undoubted and indisputable prestige. There is one page for each interview, that I proposed both as html transcription and as AcrobatReaderİ reproduction.

The "Reviews: The musician's success in his own work" page lists series of sentences, passages and entire reviews helping to understand, in national and international criticism sphere, the Maestro's artistical activity and the success it has always earned since his very first youthful piano tours all over the world. In this context I wanted to include also a personal appendix devoted to the Piano Concerto Op.29: as I wrote here above introducing it, this composition has a particular affective importance for me because my friendship with Maestro began thanks to it.

For each page there is also an only text version, paginated in a way to be printed and accessible striking the "Print" button.

I set myself as a goal of utmost importance an essentially divulging purpose. I've therefore tried to pay particular attention to the "navigability" of all pages: they're all linked each other, all joined to the home page through the big graphic heading and all measured in a way to be included in screens in the commonly used resolutions when the website was conceived (with optimal rendering at 800x600). I've also paid special attention to their "browser independent accessibility": the website was written in compliance with the HTML4.0 standard, with a certain use of CSS1 style sheets and JavaScript1.3, checking it with various browsers and validating it through the W3Consortium Validator and the CAST Bobby.

All links I've inserted from time to time, mainly to the Carisch Website (the exclusive Publisher for Maestro Calligaris, that I thank for its kind hospitality to my pages) and those I'll introduce according to needs, have document aim only, without any commercial purpose. If someone would like to correspond directly with Maestro or would be hopefully interested in his scores, it's possible to address directly to the Publisher for any further information.

Finally, my e-mail address link will serve to anyone would like to send me questions, remarks, suggestions or any kind of critic - that I'll always accept with sincere gratitude - or directly to share with me my musical enthusiasm and personal friendship for Maestro Calligaris.

I warmly hope that this homage, paid very enthusiastically by a computer scientist, webdesigner for the occasion, as an evidence of his friendship and gratitude to a solar person and great maestro, will turn out useful and appreciated by anyone who loves music and rejoices at discovering a contemporary composer able to share deep and genuine emotions by his art. I therefore welcome each reader and wish her/him to enjoy reading: thank you in advance for visiting!

Renzo Trabucco, Pandino (Cremona, Italy) - Summer 2000

All images and most of information belong to Carisch; pieces of music, reviews and interviews belong to the Publishers cited from time to time.
The graphic heading in each page was made by Martina Paradiso, on behalf of Carisch.
At Carisch it is available the free updated brochure "Sergio Calligaris pianist and composer" with two CDs included.
The background midi of the introductory page, Prelude from Renzo's Piano Notebook, op.7 by Maestro Calligaris, was friendly made on digital piano by pianist Michele Gioiosa.
All LPs recorded by Maestro Calligaris were digitally remastered, right for this website, by my friend Carlo Bellani.
The short films have been formatted and put at the whole world's disposal in Youtube by the very dear friend of Sergio Calligaris' and mine, Maurizio Brunetti.
I wish to particularly thank my brother Alessandro for his indispensable support in making web versions of all graphic arts: together with him I dedicate all this work to the memory of our father Alfredo (1939-1999).

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